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Who Am I?

Hey there! I’m Raquel and I want to personally welcome you to my blog, One Bad Madre. I am an Ohio native but currently reside in North Carolina with my husband and two daughters.

Before moving to the south, my family lived overseas in Italy for a couple of years. We have the luxury (and inconveniences) of seeing the world, due to my husband being military.

Since settling into our new home, I’ve thought more and more about starting a blog. Writing has always been something I’ve been super passionate about but there was always something holding me back from sharing it with others. So, I continued to fill up journals and put my thoughts of blogging on the back burner.

Why Now?

Recently, I’ve gotten a sense of confidence to just go for it. What can I lose right? There is so much I’ve learned in my short time here on earth that I think could benefit other women who are just like me.

There truly is beauty finding out you’re not alone and the goal here at One Bad Madre is to shine light on that beauty. My inspiration for this blog comes from my own mother, grandmother, and all the amazingly strong women I’ve had the pleasure of growing up around and knowing.

Why Should You Keep Reading?

One Bad Madre is not only about being a mom, it’s about being one bad a** woman. One Bad Madre embodies the woman who is both a motherly figure AND a boss, conquering each day like the queen she is. So, if you’ve read this far you’re probably her AND I am so excited to begin this journey with you!

Find out more on my About page.

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  1. Loved reading this post very empowering and confident. Best wishes on your new journey!

  2. Hi!! Raquel!! You go, girl, starting a blog is scary but oh so wonderful!! Welcome to the blogging world!!

  3. Omg girl ! I love this post! Reminds me of myself. Congrats on gaining the courage to share your gift ! I’d love to know what you fave & worst parts about living in Italy were. I’m only there about twice a year, but have wondered about residing there ! Great post.

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