Soothing Cracked and Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

*This post is sponsored by Motherlove. However, all thoughts and opinions are completely based on my own experiences.*

Breastfeeding Newbie

When I first began my breastfeeding journey no one could have prepared me for the pain, tears, and frustration I would encounter. I had no idea how much support breastfeeding mothers needed because I was under the impression that it was supposed to be easy. I quickly learned that was not the case at all.

The Struggling Latch

My first born had a tongue tie that wasn’t caught until a very poor latch was already established. I was in so much pain during feedings in those first few weeks and I ended up with extremely cracked, and even bleeding nipples (ouch).

I spoke with a few lactation consultants and after trying different positions and the suggested lanolin cream, I was still hurting. I was so close to giving up when I stumbled upon nipple shields. My LC recommended I use it as a temporary solution until my cracked nipples healed. Well as months passed, my temporary solution became permanent because my daughter only preferred to nurse with the shield.

I wanted to breastfeed for a number of reasons, one being convenience; but the nipple shield was everything but convenient. Everywhere I went I had to make sure the shield was with me and cleaning it after every use was a pain. Breastfeeding in public was also extremely difficult because I had to try to put it on while not flashing the whole world my nipples. I knew that I wanted to keep breastfeeding but I really felt like I couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted to because I had to use a shield.

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Second Time’s A Charm

Fast forward to the birth of my second born, I decided this time around breastfeeding would be different; that no matter how much pain I was in, I would not give into using the nipple shield. Well, let me tell you that the first few weeks of breastfeeding were brutal yet again.

Every nurse and lactation consultant told me “breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt,” but it did. My nipples were once again cracked and so sore that I was starting to dread feeding time. I decided I needed extra support for the sake of my baby and my sanity. I met up with my local lactation consultant and she observed a nursing session with me and my little one. After 10 minutes she was able to help me fix my baby’s latch. I could already tell a difference in the amount of pain I had been feeling.

Now that baby was latching correctly, I still had to find a solution for my extremely cracked and sore nipples. I was desperate for relief so I went to the internet; after reading so many positive reviews, I went out and bought the Motherlove Nipple Cream.

Sweet Motherlove

Motherlove is an awesome mom-founded company dedicated to providing natural and organic products to support mothers in their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. What I loved most about the nipple cream from Motherlove was that it does not need to be wiped off prior to nursing or pumping.

From the first application of the nipple cream, I knew I had made the right decision. Unlike the lanolin that I had previously been using, the Motherlove nipple cream is super creamy so it does not hurt when applying. It almost melts on so you aren’t rubbing or chaffing your already sore bits.

I applied the nipple cream generously several times a day and before I knew it, I was able to breastfeed pain-free. I will say that the cream comes in a small jar but a little goes a long way and after using it for a couple of months, I still have half a jar left.

If you are struggling with breastfeeding make sure you reach out to a professional. Again, breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt and if it does, just know that there are ways to fix it. For me it was something as simple as getting my baby to open her mouth wider when she latched. I recommend this cream to all breastfeeding moms I know and I only wish that I had known about it sooner.

If you are breastfeeding or soon-to-be, I highly recommend checking out the Motherlove Herbal Company.

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