DIY Felt Board For Kids

Felt Board for Kids

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Getting Crafty

My daughter has a new found love of stickers. She is constantly wanting to play with her sticker book, but at her age she isn’t quite skilled yet in taking the stickers out on her own. I was trying to find an easier way to let her play with stickers, without having to help her every 2 seconds to get a new sticker out. That’s where I got the idea of making her a felt board for her room.

With a felt board my daughter can easily put “stickers” on and take them back off as felt sticks to itself. Also, with it hanging at her eye-level she can play with it whenever she likes without having to ask for it.

This felt DIY board was not only super easy to make, but also really inexpensive.

What You Will Need to Make the Felt Board:

How to Make the Felt Board:

If you don’t mind having a framed board, you can completely skip the picture frame and just use a piece of cardboard. I wanted to have a framed look because it just looks better in my opinion when hanging it in a room. I got this picture frame at Walmart but you can also find one here

To start, place the cardboard from the picture frame in the middle of your felt fabric, cut it out leaving an extra 2-3 inches of fabric on each side.

Next, you’ll want to tape each side around the cardboard so that it looks like this. It doesn’t really matter how neat this looks because it’ll be facing the wall.

Once you’ve finished taping the felt to the cardboard, put it in the picture frame. I hung my framed board up using tape just in case I want to move it to another location later but you’re free to use whatever you’d like to hang it up.

Making the Stickers

I bought these pattern felt stickers from Target not realizing that they were actual stickers, so I had to cut out felt to go on the sticky side of them. If you want to skip this step, (which I recommend) just buy some colorful felt instead.

You can get creative of what you’d like your felt “stickers” to be, I just decided to do basic shapes because mama is not the greatest with drawing out objects. 

Another option would be to buy already made felt stickers like these. You can even look up easy felt board stories to make so that your child can turn the board into their very own story book.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. It was very easy to make and my daughter absolutely loves it. This DIY board is great for toddler to preschool aged kids and costs less than $10 to make. 

What’s your next DIY project?

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  1. This is such a cool idea! I just love DIY projects, especially when doing it with my little guy!

  2. This is such a great idea for when your little one likes stickers, but can’t pull them off the sheet by themselves! My youngest loves stickers, but it’s a constant of me having to help him get the edge of each sticker up (just a little bit) so he can pull it off the rest by himself. I have a magnet board in his room and I think I might just put a felt one by it! Thank you!

  3. That’s is so nice, I am getting a little better with DIY projects thanks to great posts like yours. Thanks for sharing.

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