Becoming a Mom of Two

From One to Two

Becoming a mom of two can be scary, even if you planned it to be that way. You may be like me, a stay at home mom, wondering how you are going to take care of a newborn AND a busy toddler all on your own. Well, I’m here to remind you that it has been done before and there may be times when you feel overwhelmed but it does get easier.

On October 29, 2016 I became a mom for the very first time. Then again, exactly 2 years later on October 29, 2018 I gave birth to my second child. I know right? What are the odds of having my children on the exact same day? In no way did I plan that but here’s to having joint birthday parties for the rest of their lives (or until they reach that age where they hate them).

Quick Delivery

The night I went into labor, I genuinely thought I was just having really bad Braxton-Hicks. Turns out they were real contractions so I actually labored at home the entire time. By the time I told my husband it was time to go to the hospital, I was already dilated to 8cm! I got to the hospital around 3:30am and by 4:30am, I had a baby in my arms. Second time with no pain meds y’all! 🙌🏽

Not only did my baby girl make an early grand entrance on her sister’s 2nd birthday, but she also surprised us by being a girl. I spent my pregnancy preparing and buying for a boy, only to be surprised with a beautiful baby girl after I delivered. 

Family of Four

Now that we’re home and settling into our new “normal”, it feels like it was always supposed to be this way. Our newest addition has completed our family that much more. Having a 2 year old and a 2 week old has definitely been a learning curve. I’m busy keeping one child entertained while trying to care for another. And if I don’t have a baby attached to my boob, I have a toddler climbing on my back, but I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Same birthday ?? Wow! Having a second doesn’t seem like it’s in my future, but you are rocking it mama !

  2. What a sweet story. I bet your girls will love hearing it as they grow older. I almost had mine exactly 2.5 years apart, but youngest was 2 days earlier.

  3. Wow, what are the odds?! So amazing. I was actually born October 29, 1992 so me and your girls are birthday buds. 😉 and even more so, how crazy to think you were having a boy this entire time! Just, woah! I love your story and this gets me so excited for my little girl due in March. My girls will be exactly 20 months apart and I am so ready for the wild ride!

  4. I’m still stuck on having two kids with the same birthday . So cool! You should probably play the lottery. just kidding 🙂

  5. Wooow that is beautiful! I’ve never heard of siblings having the same birthday. That’s super neat! Being a mom of multiples is hard, but you got this!

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