DockATot: Is It Worth It?

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Before I begin this review I would like to emphasize that I am in no way a healthcare provider or an infant sleep specialist. I am only sharing what has worked for me and my family.

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Soothing Cracked and Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

*This post is sponsored by Motherlove. However, all thoughts and opinions are completely based on my own experiences.*

Breastfeeding Newbie

When I first began my breastfeeding journey no one could have prepared me for the pain, tears, and frustration I would encounter. I had no idea how much support breastfeeding mothers needed because I was under the impression that it was supposed to be easy. I quickly learned that was not the case at all.

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What to Expect at Postpartum Checkup

Postpartum Care 

So you’re about 6 weeks, give or take, from the date you had your baby and now it is time to check in with your doctor or midwife for your postpartum care visit. For those wondering what to expect at this 6 week postpartum appointment, here is a quick run down for what to expect after having a vaginal delivery.

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Fourth Trimester Self-Care

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The Fourth Trimester

It has officially been three weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. While I am enjoying newborn cuddles and adjusting to joining the mom of two club, I’m still feeling the aches and pains of giving birth both physically and mentally. This is what I like to call the fourth trimester, most commonly known as postpartum.

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Surviving Pregnancy With a Toddler in Tow

Expecting Mamas With Little Monsters

Whether your second pregnancy was planned or a pleasant surprise, being pregnant while caring for a toddler is no easy task. On top of first trimester fatigue you will also be dealing with daily temper tantrums. Surviving pregnancy with a toddler in tow and keeping your sanity will soon become your number one priority, trust me.

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